Meet Our Team

To e-mail, our staff directly, click on their name. For all other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 214.319.9944

Dean Cowser
Executive Director
(214) 628-9055 

Nevin McCoy
Director of Camp Programs 
(214) 628-9055 

Janice Milligan

Camp Administrative Assistant
(214) 628-9055

Judy Anderson
Food Service Director 
(214) 628-9055 

David Touchon

Outdoor Education Director 
(214) 628-9055 

Allen Warren

Director of Facilities
(214) 628-9055 

Danielle Kasper

Associate Director of Group and Family Camp
(214) 628-9055 

Brittany Harley
Equestrian Director
(214) 628-9055

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