Have you had the chance to meet our Ray Bean site director for Summer 2016? Katy has a fun-loving spirit and cannot wait to meet you all this summer! katy

Katy Goff spent her first summer at Ray Bean in 2012 counseling 11-12-year-olds and sharing her passion for canoeing with as many girls as possible. The next two summers Katy worked at Frontier camp, first directing Raggers and taking teens on adventures in high ropes, hiking, and more canoeing in 2013; and then, training 15-16-year-olds in the CIT program in 2014. She is pumped to work at Ray Bean again with the now-grown-up counselors she’s trained and some of the amazing women she worked with her first Grady Spruce summer. When she’s not at camp, Katy teaches high school English and spends her free time exploring Dallas with her husband, Curry, and running with her dog, Leo.

Katy is a Ray Bean girl everyday! Register for camp and you will see all the amazing things she is going to do.

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