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My Name is Nevin McCoy and I am the Summer Camp Director. I have been working for YMCA Camp Grady Spruce for the last 8 years making a total of 12 years working for YMCA camps. Previously, I worked for YMCA Camp Thunderbird where I started as a camper when I was 9 and worked my way up.  I began as a day camp counselor, then got promoted to administrative staff for resident camp, and then finished my time there as an environmental educator.

When I came to Camp Grady Spruce, I started as a Naturalist and when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on the opportunity to become the Groups and Family Camping Director/ Aquatics Director as well as an Archery instructor (USA Archery), Riflery Instructor (civilian Marksmanship Program), First aid/ CPR/ O2 Instructor( ASHI), and YMCA Lifeguard Instructor.

I have a passion for camping and it is all I have wanted to do my adult life. I enjoy developing relationships with the staff, campers, and their families.  My wife Lyndsay and I met in college and were married at Camp Grady Spruce in April of 2010. We now have a 3-year-old named Gavin and a 1-year-old named Grady. With my experience as a camper, staff, Director and Parent I am constantly looking to develop the safest, most positive, and fun environment for my family and yours.

This summer, camp will be hosting all ages of campers from 7-16 at Main Camp.  Although most of the activities will be done in their age group, we do think that for the development of your child that teens working with younger children throughout some activities will be beneficial. Our hope is to develop a young adult for the younger kids to look up to and to create a knowledge in these teenagers that they are the role models for the younger campers.

We are so excited that you are joining the Camp Grady Spruce family. For those of you already a part of the camp family, we are excited to have you back! During your stay with us you will experience many things that will build and strengthen relationships with God, His creation, campers, and staff members. We do this through ensuring that Camp Grady Spruce’s core values, Respect, Caring, Responsibility, and Honesty, are woven through all of our programs and are integrated for use in their daily life. Camp is a place to try new things and step out of your comfort zone and Camp Grady Spruce is the safest place to to do that and discover your best self.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff is here to help campers succeed, but ‘challenge by choice’ is something that we strive to teach our campers. Having that ability to challenge oneself leads to personal growth. Trying in kid’s lives at home has been limited by the bullies and by the judgment of people around. At Camp Grady Spruce we provide a rich learning environment free from all of the things that hinder the ability to try.

We invite you to come to camp as a family for the day during one of camp’s open house days. If you want to get the full camp experience, we invite you to come and stay the weekend. We offer many of the same activities that will be available during the summer all year long. Contact camp for more details.

From all of us here at Camp Grady Spruce, we welcome you to the family and look forward to seeing you at camp.


Nevin McCoy

Summer Camp Director

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