The Natural World Is Our Classroom!

Established in 1989, the Outdoor Education program at Camp Grady Spruce is devoted to helping teachers educate students about the interrelationship and interdependence between man and the environment.

 Guided Understanding in the Outdoors

Students are guided to understanding by involving them in interactive learning. The natural world is our classroom for environmental education! Students have the opportunity to learn while exploring trails, hiking Johnson’s Peak, canoeing, fishing, orienteering and boating to Devil’s Island.

The OE Program operates during the school year and is primarily focused on the curriculum of fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students. We offer outdoor education experiences ranging from one to five days in length. The information taught utilizing the staff’s expertise, and the natural setting has been carefully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Students learn responsibility and develop an appreciation of diversity in nature and within each other.

“Tell me, and I may remember. Show me, and I may forget. But, involve me, and I will understand.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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