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If you are not sure if a certain date will work for you, it can always be changed! You have the opportunity to select new dates for your child’s summer camp experience one time before May 1, 2017.

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1: Zombie Camp

Can you make it a week without getting caught by the Zombies? Zombie Camp is BACK! Campers will spend this developing skills like observation, responsibility and teamwork, so you can survive the Zombies! Come prepared to take on the world and don’t forget your scariest Zombie face.

Week 1

Sun, June 18 – Sat, June 24

2: Color Wars

Get ready to be colorful! This week is all about team spirit.. Be prepared for all kinds of ways to get covered in all of camp’s favorite colors. Whether it is paint tag or flying color powder this is a week you won’t soon forget!

Week 2

Sun, June 25 – Sat, July 1

3: Holiday Party

Camp’s favorite holiday celebrations… jam packed into ONE WEEK. Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving feasts, Independence Day celebrations, the party never ends! Bring your most festive attire for your favorite holidays. (Tacky Christmas sweaters and all!)

Week 3

Sun, July 2 – Saturday, July 8

4: Wild West

Yeehaw, Camp has gone country! Let’s put those cowboy boots to use in our rodeos, chili cook-offs, round-ups, and county fairs. Bring your cowboy hats and flannel shirts because this is a week of Texas flavored cooking and line dancing you don’t want to miss!

Week 4

Sunday, July 9 – Saturday, July 15

5: Island Paradise

Aloha! Welcome to a week of island games, scavenger hunts and fruit kebabs! This week you will see the tropical get-away side of camp full of tiki torches, luaus, and some island sun. Grab your favorite Hawaiian shirt be ready to catch some gnarly waves!

Week 5

Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 22

6: Olympic Games

This year’s Summer Olympics hosted at Camp Grady Spruce! Camp games like you’ve never seen them before… a six day event of EPIC proportions. Prepare for an opening games ceremony you won’t forget. Don’t forget to pack your sweatbands, lucky gym shorts, and the will to take home the gold!

Week 6

Sunday, July 23 – Saturday, July 29

7: Superhero Week

Want to learn how to save the world? Protect the innocent from evil villains? This is the week for all of the greatest superheroes to unite at Camp Grady Spruce it will be a week full of fun and adventure learning to develop our own superhero powers for the better good.

Week 7

Sunday, July 30 – Saturday, August 5

Dates & Availability

Date Availability
June 18- June 24 Open
June 25- July 1 Open
July 2- July 8 Open
July 9- July 15 Open
July 16- July 22 Open
July 23- July 29 Open
July 30- August 5 Open




October 1- November 30 $790
December 1- March 31 $890
April 1- July 29 $990


Personal Vehicle Free
Bus: 1-way from SMU to camp $50
Bus: 1-way from camp to SMU $50
Airport transport Contact us!


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