In my devotion time I read something to the effect that time is wasted unless invested in that which matters.  So, what matters?  That’s a pretty easy list to generate.  I’m a mom and my family, their wellbeing, matters a lot.  The next question popping in my mind wasn’t so easy to address.  How am I investing my time for them? Let’s face it moms, we give a lot of time to our kids but are we doing this well and with impact? 1262566_597456846962964_968903968_o

One annual tradition that our family does really well is our Mother’s Day weekend at Camp Grady Spruce.   Years before I began working with Camp I would bring my family out for a weekend of adventure.  My son was 3 years old.  Not old enough for archery and riflery but certainly enough to jump in water puddles, climb boulders with mom, and be amazed by the horses.  I was so proud of our designated family time, high quality bonding.

The cherished escape evolved into a friends and extended family vacation filled with activity.  In a short time, this camp became our children’s’ turf – a place to wonder and a place to strengthen relationships with key people in their lives.  It was one of the few places in their young lives where they could run unsupervised yet protected.  Over the years our children required less direction in the use of their time.  It was fun to engage in the offered activities but the chance to explore and make their own adventure took over the rotating schedule of archery and horseback riding.

I expected our family to have fun.  I expected adventure, quality time, bonding.  I didn’t realize my son had such little freedom in his life to just run: to run, without worrying about cars, strangers, or misbehaving.  We found a liberty in this unleashing.  We discovered an opportunity to grow for him in independence and confidence and for my husband and I, we learned learning to trust my son’s ability to put the values and decision making we’d been teaching into practice.  Wearily at first, but we’ve grown.

We’re so busy but this, this weekend away, it matters.  It pours into our family and gives us opportunity for conversations of wonderment.  It gives us memories that help deepen already significant relationships.  It gives him trust and faith.

This is a worthy investment.

Hope you spend a weekend of unexpected adventure at Camp soon,

Lori Villarreal
Director of Fund Development


If you are ready to make yours, contact or call 214.319.9944 and ask for a weekend of adventure.

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