Want to Work for the Summer?

Working at camp will impact your life in ways you cannot imagine. Friends become family, camp becomes home, and memories last a lifetime. Being a camp counselor is basically like being a superhero. You are responsible for keeping your campers happy, healthy, and safe. Your job is for them to have fun. We want you to have this experience. For more information contact us HERE or call 214.319.9944.

Apply Now!

All staff paperwork

  1. Staff Agreement
  2. Personnel Identification Form
  3. Signature Authenticity Form
  4. Workers Comp Form
  5. Social Network Policy Agreement
  6. Health Insurance-Write: DENY on it, if you don’t want it. It takes 4 weeks to kick in and there are costs involved.
  7. Direct Deposit-Highly Recommended

New Hire Only Paperwork

  1. Proof of Identification for I9
  2. Letters of Reference- print 3 and give to your references – use the email/fax information to submit these forms.

All forms and online trainings must be completed before arrival at camp.

“Being on Summer Staff at CGS was very important to me because I had the opportunity to create a positive impact on my campers. Our youth face so many negative influences today and it was always a blessing to be a genuine and confident role model for them because that’s what my counselors were for me.” -Lainey Benson

Camp Grady Spruce Map


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